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Test Strip Callibration

Li Bee

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Hello all!

I'm wondering if anyone may help. 

I'm trying to do control strips, but even when I use FRESH Fuji C41 RA Developer and Re Bleach and Re fix with Fresh Fuji RA Bleach and Fresh flexicolor RA fixer my base is never as clear as the Reference strip. Am I plotting  my action and control limit lines wrong on the DMin - only the Dmin seems to be out of wack. I've done experiments using both my Filmomat rotational film processor and with my V30 RA.


Any help would be amazing, thank you!


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How old are the control strips?
Have they been correctly stored in a fridge to keep them fresh?
Are you using the correction factors that come with a new box of control strips?

Have you replaced the Stabiliser? Dirty STB will make a big difference to D-min.

Have a look at this manual, there is a section on issues with control strip plots. https://imaging.kodakalaris.com/sites/default/files/wysiwyg/pro/chemistry/z131.pdf

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Thank you for the response! I ended up changing all the chemicals. But tbh I feel as though the control strips I have are not very good. Even with ALL fresh chemicals, I'm never able to quite reach the same results as the reference strip. Especially in the D-min area. It is ALWAYS above the control limit (And I've mixed chemicals a few times). Reference strips were bought from Unique Photo.


Is there a process for me to check?

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