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SP3000 scanner won't start up


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First time posting, my apologies if I get forum etiquette wrong.

After a restart our SP3000 software won't launch. The digital request spooler software says it can't load templates. We then get "Ezope.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Win You will need to restart the program." Followed by another message that says the scanner failed to start, and to restart. 

I've checked both our FE-Frontend and FMPC PC's that they have the names set correctly, ip, and appropriate software running.

Panda software and lp5700 working perfectly fine.

There a few points in the SIMON software the point to a $PiCserver$. But we have never had a PC of that name and it has worked fine. 

Would any body be able to shed some light on how the Digital request spooler system works?

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Is HD original? If yes - probably few sectors are bad and software can't read files. Better use SSD. On BIOS need select SATA IDE mode ( not AHCI )  . If computer is older and doesn't have SATA connector then SSD can connect through IDE/SATA adapter.

Disable Fuji software startup. Start computer holding Shift. enter password ( FRONTIER ) and continue hold Shift untill Windows will be fully loaded. Fuji software will not start. Then try to run Windows checkdisk. Can use some other utilities to test HD ( partitions C and D ) .

Before experements make sure, that you have scanner backup and archive is working ( file In_Unit.001 ) . Try extract file with Winrar and make sure, that completed without errors.

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