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Fuji SP3000 scanning issue


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I am having some troubles with a newly acquired sp3000. It is pending purchase, from a lab whom I suspect didn’t take the best care of it, I am as of current setting it up & trying to ascertain whether it is worth the offered price.


The main issue I have found is that the scanner is marking the images with a linear sort of pattern / marking on the right side of frame. As photos show. I have been told that it may be a faulty DSP on one of the GPA23 boards, or faulty RAM in the scanner control box. I have been advised that, if cleaning the contacts does not correct this, then it is an expensive repair.


so I thought I’d post here to see if 1. The above is true, and 2. If so, how much w should I expect a repair to cost? I am prepared to pay for repair. 

Thank you - from a hopeful new sp3000 owner ! 




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