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Noritsu 2901 processor does not turn on

Jerry mott

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When I turn it on, the operating system goes up and does all the functions and when the chemistry temperature screen is on, it goes off but the processor does not turn on at any time, I don't know where to activate the processor or I don't know where to weigh to verify where processor is activated

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It sounds like it is in program timer mode.

When the computer starts up and you get the grey program timer screen displaying the temperatures, press the Yes/ Enter key, it should display 'Would you like to proceed to the operation mode?' Press Yes/ Enter and it should start up the rest of the machine.

If it is not this, make a photo of the what is displayed on the screen so I can understand what is going on.

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The PC is shutting down because it is not seeing the UPS on the COM port.

Check the COM cable is plugged in to the back of the computer and the back of the ATX power supply.

Make sure the COM cable plug numbers match the numbers on the socket. J/P955 goes to the motherboard, J/P962 goes to the ATX PSU

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11 hours ago, Jerry mott said:

When the window starts to go up and tries to upload the program, the computer shuts down and when I enter the device manager, these drivers appear that are missing and they are drivers for a cable, which can be, please help


11 hours ago, Jerry mott said:


This is normal, the drivers are loaded correctly for the 2 Noritsu cards.

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Can you explain exactly what you have done so far?

It started with you asking about the processor not switching on, now you tell us you changed the graphics card, now you are saying it is shutting down while software upgrading.

Why is it software upgrading? Did you do a recovery? Did you reload the main system software again?

There are a lot of missing details here!

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