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white color problem (Frontier 550)


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Test with other paper. If the same - bad, or contaminated chemicals in the working tanks.

As I wrote before white and black colors depends on paper, chemicals and nothing else.
White you have if to run not fogged paper through chemical tanks.
Black you have if to run fully fogged paper thtough chemical tanks.

Open processor cover and remove upper turn rack, which is between CD and BF tanks. Then run processor. After that take piece of paper ( no worries, that it will get light ) . Then insert this piece dirrectly into BF tank. Close processor cover. Paper should go out absolutelly white ( because didn't get CD ) . If you have grey paper ( can compare with paper other side ) then you bad BF, or STB ( because you didn't use CD tank ) . If paper will be white then bad CD.

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Should be not a little better. Paper should be absolutelly white. Can compare it with other paper side ( where no emulsion ) . Both sides should look similar.

If emulsion is not white - bad paper ( long time storage, stored not in proper enviroment, or something else ) , or bad chemicals ( bad quality, old, contaminated, bad temperature, bad replenishment rates ) .

Paper can test on other minilab ( where white is correct ) . If the same minilab then can bring paper magazine and run precut. You can ignore color on test printed there ( because paper from other minilab ) . Do not measure test on other minilab. Just look is white good, or not. 
If minilab different - take piece of paper, run processor and insert directly into BF tank. Look at this paper when it go out.
One more option - in dark area insert piece of paper into control strip holder. Then on other minilab run control strip test. Then it will go through all tanks. On output fogged area should be black and paper, which was inside control strip holder - white.

If paper good and problem with chemicals then you need :
1. Change chemicals in working tanks. Wash tanks and racks. Then correctly mix chemicals ( for working tanks ) . 
2. Use good thermometer and check woirking tank temperatures. Can remove filters and insert thermometer through this hole. On Fuji menu calibrate temperatures. Before inserting thermometer to other tank - clean thermometer. Even small ammount of BF can contimate CD.
3. Check replenishment rates and on Fuji menu calibrate replenishment pumps. 

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This is definitely happened beacuse of old water in PS tanks. First of all - change the water. Second - check pump output measurement for PS. If amount of water is less than in the settings check your replenisher pump and pipes (they like to clogged).

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