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I have a problem with the Frontier 340 installation.


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On internal computer ( computer inside minilab ) should be Windows 2000 PRO installed using recovery CD ( for FC7011 ) . On this computer installed A1 ( the latest 4.0-0E-717i ) . When installed spftware and profiles it will be 4.0-0E-717r. On this computer can be installed many Fuji optional modules.
To connect minilab to the server need install C4/C5 ( the latest - 5.5-0E-976 ) . To connect server running MS01 software on minilab computer need install MS01 ( version for NT4/W2K/XP ) .

On server ( second computer ) can be :
FDIA software - C4/C5 and optional modules. Software designed to work on Windows XP, but it is possible force to work on W7 32 bit.
FE software - S2 and optional modules. Software designed to work on Windows XP.
MS software - MS01 and optional modules. Software can work on Windows XP ( version 3.1 and older ) , Windows 7 32 bit ( versions 4.0, 4.2 ) or Windows 10 64 bit ( MS01 version 10.0 ) .

If need can help to install both computers.

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I did not reset the computer on Minlab, I only reset the computer to be connected. Do I need to reinstall both computers? Is it enough to install these software only on win 10 64 bit. How will I establish the connection after installing the software. Is there a source I can examine

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MS01 should be installed on both computers. On server MS01 version for Windows 10  64 bit and on minilab internal computer - MS01 for Windows 2000. Standard MS01 for W10 64 bit doesn't support tethered printers, but it is possible to force support them.

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Server will have printing interface. There can print digital orders. On the same window you can process scanned images.

To print from film and scan you need on minilab computer. Scanned images will be transferred to server.

Which software did you have on computer with XP, which you formated? How did you work before, if do not know basic things?

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Frontier has 2 computers on it, its own system and Windows 2000. The computer with the old connection is xp. I was printing prints to 2000 via xp and printing. I had to format the xp computer. Windows 2000 is still installed. I just need to connect my XP computer to 2000. Previously, when I put the file in the sharing folder in xp, it appeared in the 2000's print window and I was getting the print.

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Which software was installed on server ( computer with XP )  - C4/C5, S2, or MS01 ? 

On minilab internal computer can be only Windows 2000 .

On external computer can be installed Windows XP, W7 32 bit, or W10 64 bit. All depends which software to use.

Printing always the same:
Digital orders printed from external computer.
Print from film and scan have on minilab internal comnputer.
Scanned files processed on external computer.

If you put files into shared folder and they where printed automatically then you had installed Hotfolder software ( LAN Spool Software ) . Hotfolder depends on your server. This optional software can be C8 ( if on server C4/C5 ) , S13 ( if on server S2 ) , or MS13 ( if on server MS01 ) .

On server can be installed many other optional software modules ( to print templates, to print ID, managers, premium picture correction modules and many other ) .

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Which Fuji software WAS installed on this computer before. Untill now you didn't tell what software you had on server. 

When on server ussed computer with Windows XP you can install one of them :
1. C4/C5 and optional FDIA modules
2. S2 and optional FE modules
3. MS01 version 3.1 and optional MS modules.

If you use the same system which was before on server then do not anything install on minilab internal computer.
If you use different system on server then might be need install software on minilab internal computer..

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