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Can a fujifilm scanner be salvaged?


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Hello everyone. My mum runs a small photoshop. The Pentium II computer that ran the Frontier 350 has died. RIP. She has decided to move on from weblabs as she is getting old. No longer has the time/effort to maintain a wetlab.

I was wondering if there was anyway to salvage the SP 2000 scanner. As in, throw away the printer. Hook the scanner up to a new pc. Install all the right software. Would this be a tough endeavor?

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Are you sure about minilab model and scanner model? 
Fuji 350 = SP1500 + LP1500
Fuji 370 = SP2000 + SP2000

Do you mean that dead Toshiba computer inside scanner? Which computer do you have :
M type - EQUIUM6260D1F, Pentium II 266MHz, 
, HDD1 4GB, HDD2 2GB, RAM 2 x 128MB  ( SP1500 computer )
M4 type - EQUIUM6260D1F, Pentium II 266MHz, , HDD1 4GB, HDD2 4GB, RAM 2 x 128MB ( SP1500 computer )
L type - EQUIUM6450D2F, Pentium II 450MHz, HDD1 4GB, HDD2 4GB, RAM 2 x 128MB   ( SP1500/SP2000 computer )
XL Type - EQUIUM5500FF, Pentium III 600MHz, HDD1 10GB, HDD2 10GB, RAM 1 x 256MB   ( SP1500/SP2000 computer )
Look label at the front, or model at the rear. 

Do you remember which was system software ( A1 ) version? Not all versions allow to work scanner stand alone. If software wrong - need change it.

Which software on server computer - FDIA ( C4/C5 ) , FE ( S2 ) , or MS ( MS01 ) ? Server can leave the same, or upgrade. On server computer can be Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 32 bit, or Windows 10 64 bit.

Not so easy on these scanner to use different computer, but I few times did it. If want can help to do it. Write private message if need it.

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Posted (edited)

I can confirm it's a Frontier 350 with a SP2000 scanner.

Yes, the computer under the scanner is dead/won't power up anymore. I'm not sure how to get the specifications, as it no longer powers up. Would it be in the manual?

Same situation with the software. We couldn't find any installation disks. Any tricks on figuring out the software? The computer that receives/stores the photos is still working. Could it give us some insights on the software used?

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Your printer is LP1500 and scanner SP2000 ? 

As I wrote above look scanner computer label at the computer front, or computer model at the rear. 

Which software was used you can see on server ( second computer ) . There will be C4/C5, S2, or MS01. Start server computer and look.  A1 version can see on backup ( if you have it ) .

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