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EZ Controller does not display photos correctly - They do print though

Fotoart Tech

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Hi all,


Got a software issue I'm hoping to get a hand sorting out.   Photos display as black and white lines in EZ Controller.  They do however print perfectly fine I just can see them in the software to select which ones to print etc.  This happens regardless of image source, negative scans or images loaded from hard drives etc.

Just upgraded to Windows 11 on a new machine and installed EZC 8.10.08 and D1005 Ver.8.03

Also every time the software starts it says it needs to upgrade from 4.00 to 8.03 even though I already installed it manually (correctly I hope) and even though I've said yes go ahead and update it still asks and installs the update every time.


Thanks in advance for your ideas.

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Oh, one other quick question: I installed Avast antivirus on the new PC and I blocked Controller.exe and some other Noritsu executables from running.  Anyone have any suggestions for an antivirus software that plays well with Noritsu out of the box?

Thanks again in advance.

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Eset Nod antivirus is certified to work with EZ controller. Avira, Avast and similar blocking Noritsu .exe files and some of them even remove ( because idetified as virus ) .

On your W11 computer installed D1005 system software version.8.03. On your RIP computer ( printer internal computer ) still old version 4.00. Internal computer works using old version. That is the reason, why you see this message. Go to printer maintenance menu. There can see which version is on computer and which is on printer. From this menu can upgrade internal computer system software. After that you wiill not see error. If can't upgrade remotelly then can upgrade directly on RIP computer. Of cource in this case need connect everything ( monitor, keyboard, mouse ) .

It is dificult to say why you see lines. Many resons can cause them. EZ controller 8.10 is correct version for W11 . Version 8.00 should work there. To see what is wrong need connect to computer and look what is wrong there. If need help write private message. Can connect and look.

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Have you loaded the profile data?

The issue of the images on the screen looking a bit like bar codes can be caused by the backup having the profile data info on it, but with no profile data loaded on the EZcontroller PC.

Sometimes the only way is to do a EZcontroller data initialisation, and set up the channels etc again from scratch.

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Thanks MinilabService and Dave,

You are correct Dave, I did backup and restore the profile settings from the previous Windows 7 installation through the Data Management Menu.  When you say "no profile info", is there a way to back up and restore profile info from the old PC to correct that?

There's a fair number of channels so hoping to avoid rebuilding them.

Thanks for the tip on Eset. I was hoping to avoid paying for antivirus as this computer is only very limited in it's online uses.  I'll try another one and if it doesn't work I'll give Eset a go.

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