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Digital Ice doesn't work??

Hiro Kodama

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Hello everyone.

I have an HS-1800 running Parallels windows on an iMac and scanning with irfanview.

But for some reason, there's always something like dust or noise. I've been wasting my time removing in lightroom for years now.

I also have ez controller, but I haven't figured out how to save the scanner to my PC.

Can anyone help me?

スクリーンショット 2023-03-17 14.32.58.png





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Here not dust, but scratches. To correct them need enable Digital Masking. To have it need install optional module.

Digital masking can work only on scratched area remained two, or more layers. If there left only one layer, or all layers destroyed then software can't fix ut,

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It looks like poor film handling scratches, use cotton gloves when handling the film, be careful not to drag the film on anything.

Use a antistatic brush something like this Antistatic cleaner when scanning the film.

If you want to test if the digital ice is working, uncheck the D-ICE setting, then scan a film, now scan the film again with it turned back on, compare the scans, I'm sure you will see a lot more dust with it turned off!

Digital ICE has it limits it can't remove everything!

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I think your film processor makes film scratches. That is the reason why you have many lines. When film scratched you see lines on scaned image.

Digital masking can fix only small scratches. If they are big, or missing few layers then Digital Ice and digital masking will not help. Look .pdf document which is wit software. There can see chart when can correct digital ice, when can correct digital masking, when can correct both and when nothing can to correct.

Your digital masking works perfectly. Look your last photo. There can see white lines and dots ( scratches and dust ) and dark lines and dots ( software corrections ) .

Sorry, but on your picture white and dark lines and dots mismatch. It happened, because your scanner has mechanical fault. Your RGB CCD and IR CCD positions mismatch. Image is  scanned by RGB CCD. IR CCD see scratches on different position. Digital masking software takes this information and corrects image. When CCD positions mismatch then image correction ( dark lines and dark dots ) is on one position, when white lines and white dots ( scratches and dust ) are on different position.

Noritsu offerers only one - change whole scanner part ( black part where are CCD, zoom and all other parts ) . Not officially it is possible to adjust CCD positions to match scratches and corrections. CCD should be adjusted very preciselly ( parts of milimeter ) .

When I had do it on QSS30 I had to make self made equipment. Using it could move CCD two directions ( X and Y ) . Also had self made adapter ( to see two CCDs at the same time ) . To make CCD adjustment on HS1800 would be enough equipment to move CCD two directions ( X and Y ) .

Do not remove CCD. If you do it you can't find proper position. Do not try adjust position yourself. Only someone who is really good expert can try to do it.

You have three possibilities :
1. Disable digital ICE, diusable digital masking and scan as is. They are useless on your scanner. Instead to correct scratches and dust they on your image adding dark lines and dark dots ( which mismatch with real scratches and white dots ) .
2. Find expert, who could adjust CCD position ( very preciselly, part of milimeters ) . After adjustment white lines ( scratches ) and white dots ( dust ) sould match with image corrections ( dark lines and dark dots ) . To check adjustment use frame, which is on your last image. It is very good to see adjustments.
3. From Noritsu buy new scanner unit ( whole black part with CCDs, zoom and all other ) . Of cource it will be very expensive.


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