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MS01 v10 was working, but will not connect to DL650 now, yet Maintanice Utility works

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I have been running MS01 10 with windows 10.
I came in today and nothing happens when I click "connect" on the DL650 screen in MS01.

The maintenance utility on the computer will communicate with the printer and print a nozzle check.

In MS01 v10
It just says Printer communication error. Check cable connections and press [Connect]
I press connect and the screen pauses for a second and the returns to the same connect screen.

I though some kind of windows update screwed it up So I and restored a backup from when it was working, but same problem.

Any ideas on things to try before I start over with a fresh install?

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Posted (edited)

This is using
MS01 10R
DL650 Printer Kit for MS01 v2.0 (MSP60 Software for MS01 version 3.1+)
DL650 Software Ver3040

 The printer has been working on this system for over a month, but now it just does nothing when I click connect uning the screen after pressing the FA1 button at the bottom left. Somtimes that FA1 button is going Red.

Also it seems like PANDA is trying to lock up and then restarting.


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Then here MS01 error. If PANDA doesn't start, then you can't connect to printer. Panda should be connected to server and printer. Symbols ( dots ) should be green.

It is difficult to say what's happened. Might be on computer you have antivirus software, which deleted some Fuji file.  Go to MS01 menu and make MS01 backup. Then try reinstall MS01. Might be can repair software. If not - need make fresh instillation and load MS01 backup ( or make all MS01 settings ) .

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