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hi all, whatelse  [good film scanners] brands & models you will recommend ... beside expensive Noritsu HS-1800/S-1800 and the Fujifilm's ?   We're looking for moderate price range Scanners and competitive with abovesaid scanner scanning quality.

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Cheap, good but very heavy are Konica film scanners. With standard automatic film carrier can scan 135 films. With manual film carrier can scan all other films. If to scan 135F maximal resolution 4988 x 7428 ( a little higher than HS1800 ) . Many Konica R1, R2 and R3 minilabs already dead, but scanners work well. So not dificult to find some of them.
Scanners are made in Japan. Software works on Windows 2000, or Windows XP, but it is possible to use faster computer with W7 x86, or W10 x86 ( 32 bit ) . Software perfectly works on 64 bit, but scanner driver exists only for 32 bit.


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Supply source - anyone who scrapped Konica minilabs.
Konica R1-1000 - scanner DS-1000E
Konica R1-1400 - scanner DS-1010E
Konica R2-700 - scanner DS-2000E
Konica R2-1000 - scanner DS-2001E
Konica R3-1000 - scanner FS-3000T

Last scanner model letter might be different  ( depends on region ) . Scanners can be connected to any minilab, or can work stand alone. Scanners has old type firewire connector. To scan used Konica software working on Windows 2000.

Here one for sell in UK :
Price is higher, because used new HP computer with W10 32 bit. added all possible options, upgraded to latest software version. On the same computer installed EZ controller, but it was used to connect Noritsu printer ( QSS3201 ) . Scanner with standard 135 automatic film carrier. Manual film carrier can be purchased separatelly, but it is hard to find it.
I'm not a seller. I just installed everything there. I know few not upgraded DS-1000 and they would be cheaper.

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Noritsu still sells scanners. Might be they were produced earliar. S-1800, S-600 and S-1100 are the same as HS-1800, LS-600 and LS-1100. Difference - only label. LS-1100 is based on S1-II and HS-1800 based on S4. So all Noritsu scanners really old.

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