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Konica Scanner DS-2000E Stand Alon Install


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Hey all, I'm new in this forum! We have a Konica DS-2000E scanner. I want to know if it can be made Stand alone. We have a USB key. Is it possible to calibrate color without factory strips? What kind of soft I need? Is it possible to install remotely? Thank you! 

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Hello. If you have computer, HD ( Windows can be not working ) , HD image file, or backup which did on Konica software then you can install without problems. If have not anything then need to make all settings. To make some adjustments you need special equipment and will not find them. So better try to get anything from previous scanner owner.

Scanner can work stand alone. Software designed to work on Windows 2000 and Windows XP, but it is possible force to work on W7 32 bit, or W10 32 bit. Software is possible to run on 64 bit Windows, but scanner driver exists only for 32 bit.

Scanner is good and quite reliable. LED has very good quality ( very rare fails ) . If to scan 135F maximal resolution 4988 x 7428 ( a little higher than Noritsu HS1800 ) .

I have all software and can install remotelly, but need to have anything with settings. Ask previous owner about computer ( can be not working ) , HD ( can be not working Windows ) , HD image file, or backup. I can install as is. Focus and few other settings can make yourself ( change values, test and look better, or worse ) .

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