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Epson SureLab D-700 "AID CAP" problem ,,, Error no. W-2306


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dear Epson Expert, we have one Epson SureLab D-700 having Error no. W-2306 and we suspect the "AID CAP " has problem. see photo

what is the correct Epson part no. of this "AID CAP",,  where to buy ? and approximate price (if knew ) ?   Thank you, Sirs.

.photo.  AID CAP



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Here is not Noritsu printer. 

W-2306 means noise error, Cannot perform [Detect Clogging] correctly.

If on SL-D700 have error W-2306 then can be :
Foreign material is in the AID cap or on the print head (Print Head surface).
Insulation of a AID Unit worse. Insulation of the white and black harnesses on the AID Board. The resistance value must be 1 MOhm or over.
Bad conduction between the Head Cover Plate and the Frame Ground.
Bad connection of the FFC between the AID Unit and the Main Board. The FFC is damaged or not connected at a slant.
The AID Unit is damaged.

AID can be disabled. Then you will not see error. Of cource printer will not see, if ink really missing.

No separate part number for AID CAP. AID Unit Epson part number 1619741 and Fuji p.n. FW16G1619741 . Can buy from Epson, from Fuji, or from resellers. Price 40 - 50 USD, but can be higher.


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