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How to clean Absorbers on D701 Printer

Li Bee

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On D701 usually enoug to reset counter and continue to print. Open box with absorbers and look there. If it is not full then just reset counter. 

If absorbers really wet then can through out, wash box, clean ends of pipe. Then use new absorbers ( any - not from Noritsu ) . Not original absorbers are not expensive. Of cource if you want you can wash old absorbers, but it is quite long and dirty job. Need wash few times. Also washed absorber will not work as long as new.

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Actually would you be able to let me know how to remove the absorbers? Unlike the D703 (I think or maybe D702?) it's not straightforward removing the absorbers. Is there some kind of video on the internet somewhere or would anyone be willing to share a video of them showing how to do this?

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D702  doesn't exist.  On D701, D703, D705 absorders  are in the plastic box  ( left bottom corner ) ,  There connected pipes. End of pipes are  on absorber.

Do not need change abdsorber each time, when see mesage that need to do it. If absorber is not full of ink then just just on software reset counter and continue to print.
If see that absorber is full of ink then just remove pipes, clean end of them, remove absorber material, clean box, put new absorber material ( or washed old ) insert pipes  and close the box. After that on software reset the counter and can print.

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