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Inconsistent Feeding Issue... QSF-V30


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In our lab we have somewhat recently switched over to using a Noritsu QSF-V30. Sometimes (with seemingly no reason, tape is fine with no air bubbles, card is inserted the same each time) the leader card does not advance through the machine past the "1" section inside; the line on the screen representing the film appears much shorter than it would if the roll had advanced.  This has been resulting in us needing to stop, open the machine up, cut off the wet pieces of film that did make its way into the machine, and having to reload and try again. 

Although a rare occasion, issue has happened during leader card tests at the start of day (no film on leader card). 

The issue occurs with 120, and 35mm. We have tried feeding one roll at a time to see if it is a specific side, but it has persisted through each attempted solution. 


Anyone else have this issue or similar? Any thoughts/ advice is appreciated, thank you in advance. 


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Pull out the developer rack and place it on the table. Then insert the leader with unnecessary film into it and rotate the drive gear by hand. At the same time, it is necessary to slightly hold the end of the film in order to create a load on the mechanism. This way you can see where the broken gear is in the rack.

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