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Noritsu QSF-V30 cleaning


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We recently purchased a Noritsu QSF V30 that has been sitting for quite some time. I’m having a hard time finding the correct source for replacing an assortment of chemical tubes that have crystallized over time. Can anyone help point me in the correct direction for replacing these?

We also are in the process of cleaning chemical spills that have been sitting for an extended period of time. Any information for the proper procedure of a deep clean would be helpful too.





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Just flush out the pipes with boiling hot water.
Most of the crystals on the top of sub tank lids will also dissolve with boiling water.

Cif cream cleaner works well on the plastic tank parts and metal painted panels.

For really stubborn stains on the painted panels you can use a cloth soaked with some acetone on it to remove stains, just make sure you polish the paint with car polish afterwards as the acetone will make the paint go matt making any future spillages impossible to remove if you don't polish it.

It's nice to see a V30 that is not all rusted out at the back (most are!) overall this machine looks in really good condition.

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Awesome! Thank you for your insight. We actually picked this up from a police station that once used it for csi development. They said it was almost never used so all the electrical pieces look brand new under the hood. Really excited to get this process going!

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Just be careful when you are cleaning/ filling the CD tank not to splash liquid into the loading box area through the grey slot where the leader card comes out from, as liquid in here will find it's way into the circuit board box with obviously not good results!

Best to cover the slot with tape when you are cleaning.

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