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DL600 error issues


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hoping someone would be able to help. 
having problems getting my Fujifilm DL600 printer going. 
starts doing the pre operative checks and after a while get error screens. 
help please. 


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This error means IES (Y) error . Despite the amount of remaining ink is enough, the ink end sensor detected the no ink status of the corresponding color.

Can be yellow ink leakage. Screws, whch hold pipe at holder are very small. Migth be one of them is loose. Also can be bad gasket, ink holder, cartridge, bad pipe, or someting else. Look where you have yellow ink leakage.

The same error can cause faulty Ink Supply Pump Unit, but in this case usually are few colors errors.

If no leakege and ink supply pump unit is good then can be faulty Ink End Sensor ( Y ) , bad connection between SUB-D Board, or SUB-D Board is faulty.

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before all this started to happen had to replace -HOLDER,CSIC,UPPER ASSY,ASP

as the cyan part was leaking. 
after that part was installed got the error messages that I upload. 

what do you recommend I should look at doing now ?

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Now leaking yellow. Might be you accidently damged gasket ( between holder and tube ) . Check screws. Might be one is loose. Check where is yellow leakage.

One more possibility, that you didn't connect yellow ink end sensor.

One is clear - your printer has not correct signal from yellow ink end sensor. Only you can find what causes it.

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