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Fuji Dl600 carriage scale/encoder strip problem

Alex N

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Hello. My Fuji dl600's carriage scale has a problem (i will atach a photo), because of some ink that destroyed a part of the scale the printhead can't read it correctly so it won't print on 30,5 cm paper. Can I use another encoder strip from another dl600 or does it have to be new? If i need a new one, does anyone know from were can I buy one?


Thanks you.


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In your country is Epson Europe BV Amsterdam Bucharest Branch. There can order scale for Epson SL-D3000 .

Fuji products in Romania sells company from Drobeta-Turnu Severin - "VDAI 2002" . There can ask about scale for Fuji DL-600, DL-650 .

In Europe two main part suppliers - Veritek ( Germany ) and Pm2s ( France ) .

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I looked at Epson SL-D3000 part list and see, that scale has Epson part number 1533809 . So to order you can use Epson p.n. 1533809 , or Fuji p.n.  1542943 ( FW16G1542943 ) .

There are many online shops, where can buy 1533809 . Just google Epson 1533809 and you find them.

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