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QSS-3701 Communication error

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Hello guys , today when I started the printer an error showed up the error was "Error No.06901-00521" ARCENT communication error - Printer Processor LASER

I tried to restart the system and the power supply as stated in the manual but nothing worked and the error keeps showing up, so please can anyone help me with how can I fix this error


Thank you in advance :)

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No ARCNET connection between I/F pcb and printer control pcb. All other boards are connected not directly, but through printer control pcb. 

Can be missing bad ARCNET connector on I/F board, or printer control pcb, bad connected arcnet cables ( between these boards ) , missing 5V power supply on printer control pcb, or printer control pcb doesn't work.

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I/F board can be various. There are few board models. They depends on minilab type ( HD, or not HD ) and on board revision.

Printer control pcb - J391423 . It is inside priner and position is beside processor/

If you do not know how to handle ARCNET then do not touch anything. It is very easy to destroy ARCNET sensors. If they destroyed you need to change boards.

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Why do you try update software, when have not communication? Better go to self diagnostic and run ARCNET test.

On your picture is  I/F board. It is impossible looking at photo what is sensor led power. Also impossible to see sensors are dirty, or not. 

Try to clean sensors on I/F board and printer board. Printer board has few sensors and ARCNET from I/F board can be connected to any of them.

When no connection between I/F board and printer board then can be :
Dirty, or not working sensors on 
I/F board or printer board.
Broken, or dirty ARCNET cable ends 
Missing power supply on printer board.
Not working I/F board, or printer board.

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