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DL 650 Printhead cleaning/replacement

Tim Macdonald

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Has anyone tried to clean the printhead or replace the printhead on their DL 650 before? Any links to videos that show how its done? Or any experience with this task would be greatly appreciated. I was told the techs have a unique tool they use to finish the job, but then was told that their is no special tool and it is not that difficult. I can't seem to get straight answer. I get faded lines on all my prints no matter the paper size. TIA!!!!

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First what you want to change - print head unit, or one clogged element on printer head? Fuji DL650 print head unit has 6 elements. Each element has two colors. All elements are absolutelly the same.

Print head unit can buy from Fuji. It is very expensive. Print head elements can buy only online shops, where elements sold not officially. Elements are quite cheap, but no any warranty. It is possibility, that get element, which doesn't work.

Printer heads can clean using cleaning machines. Of cource can clean using syrenge and cleaning liquid, but it will not be very efective. Need look on nozle check which elements doesn't work. Then you know, which elements are clogged and should be cleaned.

Do not think, that you find video. Look at DL650 service manual. There you can find information how to replace print head unit. When installed other print head unit you need to make few tests. To do some of them you need special tools, which have Epson and Fuji engineeers, or someomne who makes Fuji DL600, DL650 or Epson SL-D3000 service.

Here you can see DL600 print head when removed covers :

Here new DL600 print head :
Video name is incorrect. Here can't be DL650 and SL-D3000 print head. They have 6 elements and on video one element is removed. 5 elements have DL600.


I have all DL650 manuals. If need can help you. Write private message, if need it.


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Printhead unit has 6 elements. Each of them have two colors. Need replace third element ( if to count from full position ) .There Yellow and Black colors. Black is clogged. Need to clean it.
Do not mess with other element. Element 4 has the same colors, but layout is different - Black and Yellow.  
Look printhead nozzle layout on DL650 service manual. There you can see everything.

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