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FDI connection problem with Scanner/Printer unit.


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Good morning,
I have a problem connecting the FDI unit to the preparation unit (scan table). I get an error (attached). I just bought the whole scanner unit (Windows NT system) unfortunately without the FDI computer. However, I have an earlier computer with the software loaded only on windows xp.
Could the systems be the problem? Is the printer version the same?
Thank you very much.


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Your Fuji 350 computer ( SP2000 scanner ) didn't work. What you did - repaired the same computer, or used other? Both scanner HD are from original computer? Did you reinstall scanner software, or it is original?

Which A1 version on scanner compiuter? Which software is on server .  On server can be FDIA ( C4/C5 ) , FE ( S2 ) or MS ( MS01 server ) .

Do you have LAN connection between scanner computer and server? Check LAN settings on both computer :
IP should be different only last digit
Mask should be the same on both computers
Working group name should be the same on both computers.
If computers connected directlly then need crossover LAN cable.  If computers connected through hub then can be any LAN cable ( straight, or crossover ) .

Run ping on both sides ( run ping xxx.xxx.xxx.x -t . instead x - IP on other computer ) . Shouldn't be connection errors. Try access shared folder on other computer.

If network connection is good need to check which server name is registered on scanner computer and which scanner name entered on server.

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