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Pump control not working properly


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Good evening everyone I have a problem on my kis dks 1710 since December 2023 CD, Bleach and water pumps work abnormally Looks like the automatic order don't pass .When I test the pumps it works But when I print it doesn't work

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Did you try cleaning the level sensors inside the tanks? I think they look like little rods in the front top of the tank but I could be mistaken.

I had this problem when my developer was foaming and seting the sensors off indicating an over full situation.

I would also check the overflow ports on the tanks and make sure they are not clogged. That would also create an over full condition. That stops replenishment as I recall.

Good luck,


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so when i test the pump it works fine but when i print it does not pump sometimes it can start pumping, when it gets to 98% it stops from December 2022 to today I can't figure out what it is .I even changed the DKS3 application the problem persists I do not know what to do

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When I started the pumps on SU, they worked but they did not work when running prints.  It was because of a dirty level sensors in the developer and blix tanks.  Another time I had the dev pump and eauDev pump stop when my dev tank was foaming.  We got rid of the foam and the problem went away.

Maybe you have a bad sensor?  Did you check the overflow ports in the back of the tanks?  That will do it too.

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