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Epson Surelab D700 noisy fan, swap?


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Hello, I bought a nice piece of epson surelab D700 (used). 

The fan when it's operating is very noisy... I read around that the new model D800 is less noisy, I would like to know if someone thought to swap the fan with a new model less noisy.

I think will be very simple the process, I already opened the printer few times.


this is the specifi fan:

nidec ultraflo fan 4028 24V 0.25A

which model can you suggest?

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8 hours ago, Minilab service said:

On Fuji DX-100, Epson SL-D700 and SL-D800 used the same fan. It has Epson part number 2152549 .

Is fan on your printer Nidec UltraFlo W40S24BUA5-08 , or some other model? 

Is 24V fan noisy? On this printer two fans - one 24V and other 5V.


It’s the 24V on the upper left side used to dry photos. Is it possible to swap for a less noisy one?

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I wrote about 24V fan, which is to cool power suppliers. It has Epson part number 2152549  I thought it was noisy.

Fuji DX-100 and Epson SL-D700 DUCT,FAN_Assy LEFT UNIT;ASP - Epson part number 1619744 , or 1706069
Fuji DX-100 and Epson SL-D700 DUCT,FAN_Assy RIGHT UNIT;ASP - Epson part number 1619745, or 1697860
On Epson SL-D800 used newer part numbers ( left  1706069 and right 1697860 ) .

Here not fans, but fan units ( fan + plastic holder ) . Fan can be replaced also, but you didn't write fan model, which is on label.

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