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Noritsu 39 - Custom color ICC profile not works

Zbigniew Podraza

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Noritsu 3904HD / Custom ICC profile problem

When I changing “Printer Profile Registration Settings” from ON to OFF or CUSTOM PROFILE 1 - I don’t see any changes of colors on prints.



When I trying to register Custom Profile, I don’t see “spool” folder, which is visible on windows explorer, but is NOT visible on file selection window. So I paste ICC file into Windows folder and install it. I think it is not installed correctly, because I choosed file from Windows folder, not from System32/spool/drivers/color.

Any idea:

  1. why I don’t see any difference of colors when swich ON to OFF printer profile.
  2. How to make spool folder visible on file selection window
  3. Is possible to create generic ICC profile during paper calibration? How to do it?
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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, DonCorleone said:

Sprawdź w kanałach czy nie masz na sztywno ustawionego na OFF/ON

Check in the channels that you do not have it set to OFF / ON

Dzieki za odpowiedz, sprawdzilem i bez zmian. Ale napisze po angielsku, moze sie komus przydac.


Still the same problem. I get the same color with any combination of profile settings in Color Management and Print Channel settings.

Any combination of ON, OFF, or CUSTOM PROFILE on both locations - same colors!!!!

It is not a fresh installation, I purchased this machine with PC/EzController and just connected them together.

On this PC is Hot Folder software also installed. I am not sure if it can do something wrong. 

I think to install on new PC all software. But the problem is that I don't have CDs with software.

Can you share (if you have) the most current versions of EzController, Profile Data, and Printer Software for Noritsu 39?

Please share to zpodraza@gmail.com

Thank you!!! - Dziekuje !!!


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Noritsu software should access System32/spool/drivers/color folder. Go to Windows control panel, open "folder options", select "view". On "Hidden files and folders" select "Show hidden folders, files and drives" and apply settings. After that Noritsu software should see "spool" folder and folders/files inside it.

On each print chanel you have "Image Quality Setting" . Look what is selected there.

If you want to make new EZ controller settings then on EZ controller go into service mode ( on main window press F, F1 + F9 and on pop up box enter 2260 ) . Then go F, Managment tool, System management, Data management , Reading and writing data . Make EZ controller backup ( Writing data ) . After that go one step back ( to Data management ) , select "Data initialization" and press "Execute" . This way you reset all EZ controller settings. After that register your printer, create print channel and test new settings. 
When have backup you always can return current settings ( loading EZ controller backup ) .

The latest EZ controller - version 8.10 . Only two QSS printer versions support QSS39 - version 19.00 and 19.30 . The latest profile - 4.82 .

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