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W-1804-0 and error Laser Self Diagnostic


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We have an LP7700 which was detained for several years due to a Green Laser problem. Today the new one was installed and the equipment started up. Now it shows us the W-1804-0: The Printer version is incorrect. Upgrade the printer software.
The other error is: Laser Self Diagnostic: Version Upgrade from the self diagnostic version to the standard version required. Does anyone know how to solve it please?

Computer data:
Minilab LP7700.
MS01 v2.5.5
N1 v.3.1.

I recently found MS01 v4.0 and wanted to know if my current version of MS01 v2.5.5 can be upgraded to v.4.0. And what would happen with the N1 already installed? Thank you.-


Laser Self Diagnostic.png

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When tested laser  was installed special system software. Now need return standard version. Go to software upgrade menu. There select "printer" and upgrade it. After that will be returned standard printer software version.

MS01 2.5.5, 3.0, 3.1 and N1 version 3.1 are for Windows XP. MS01 4.0 and MS01 4.2 - for Windows 7 32 bit. On Windows 7 32 need N1 4.0 .

Instead old and outdated Fuji software ( more than 10 years old ) I would recommend to install new and modern Noritsu software. EZ controller 8.10 , printer software 19.30, profiles 4.82 released at the end of last year and can be used on W10, or W11. After that you have green painted QSS3704F . If need can help to do it. Write private message, if interested.

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