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Problems with installation of MS01 on LP7700


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Greetings and excellent day. We have just restarted our LP7700 after a long time stopped due to a Green Laser problem. The equipment is already installed and working fully. You have your computer connected with the addresses for the LP7700 and for the Server.

Now I installed MS01 4.0 on a station with English Windows 7 sp1, I used the WorkStation option and there were no problems, but I can't send any work to the server. I don't know if I should install it as Printer, I tried but when it shows the list of printers it only has LP5500, 5700, 5900 but it doesn't show anything from the LP7xxx series. When I installed it as a workstation, I noticed that the parameter: General Status: is Offline", indicated in red in the picture. The IP addresses of the network are 172.16.0.xxx. I don't know if the entire network should be the same IP as the server: 192.168.1. xxx Thank you.

LP7700 Offline.jpeg

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MS01 software installed not correctly. Probably other software, which is necessary connect printers made by Noritsu was not installed at all.

IP on computer should be the same as it is on minilab. On server have change only last IP digit.
Mask should be the same on minilab and server.
Minilab sould be registered on MS01,

Ask software supplier to explain how install everyting.

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