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Looking for a reasonably priced NEW and quick quality 135mm scanner for films on roll?

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Can buy really good professional Konica scanners ( better, than Noritsu HS1800 ) . Many minilabs ( aspecially R1 ) scrapped and scanners left.
Just need to upgrade computers ( because original very slow ) :
Scanners not big, but heavy ( about 40 kg ) . LED very reliable. Film carriers do not have any problems.
On Konica scanners can scan any film. Using automatic film carriers can scan 135 and 240 films. 240 ( APS ) carrier is optional. To scan other films need universal film carrier and masks.

Fuji has USB scanner SP500. It is to scan 135 film and mounted slides ( need optional film carrier ) .

Cheap scanner is Pakon F135 ( can be branded Nextlab, or Kodak ) . It can scan only 135 film. Scanner has not carrier. Just rollers, which move film through scanner.


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