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Question about the calibration procedure and creating your own profile on the QSS-3705


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There are a few questions on the calibration of the Noritsu QSS-3705F photolab
1) What is the calibration sequence when installing a new plate in the densitometer?
2) Is there a special mode in which you can send to print files - prepared test scales on which with the help of i1pro2 can build your own profile for the paper.
3) If there is no such mode, what is the correct sequence of actions for printing files with test scales?
I did the following - turned off all profiles, turned off all kinds of manual corrections. Then I calibrated the paper (MBL). Then I sent files with test scales to printer - measured them in i1Profiler program with i1pro2 (since there was no information about which mode to use, I measured with all M0.M1.M2 under D50.D65). Then I loaded these profiles into the machine and calibrated the paper (MBL) - by the way, the question is whether it makes sense to calibrate the paper (MBL) after selecting a new profile, or this calibration is tied to the type of paper that is specified in the channel of the tested magazine (190 Lucky SA-26 or for example xxx Crystal Archive)

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