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Light source adjustment error on new to me HS-1800

Vronsky Beat

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Hey folks, I have my new HS-1800 recognized in Windows and responding to commands in EZController but I can’t scan, as the unit throws an “unable to calibrate” error at startup and a “06332-00002 light source adjustment error” when I run a manual calibration. I’ve checked the sensitivity chart but nothing seems amiss there. Is there maybe a shipping screw somewhere that I’m missing? I’m at a total loss as to how to proceed. Thanks for your time!


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For the rare soul who googles this problem in the future I found the solution: the shutter above the light source was stuck. Actuating the small lever above the motor under the light source area unstuck the shutter, allowing it to close properly and for calibration to commence. The telltale symptom was maxed out sensitivity readings. 


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06332-00002 means light source adjustment error - The CCD, CCD gain, LED current, or aperture value is problematic, or the amount of LED light is strengthen too much because the ND filter is not switched, ON and OFF.
Go to sensitivity check menu, Upooad screenshot with settings. Change zoom. Look settings there.

Try to make light source adjustment with 120 film carrier. Tthen used only one zoom rate and LED light can be weak to complete test without error.

On sensitivity check menu try change Gain and Offset values. Should be changes ( curve level and distance from bottom ) . Test all colors.

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