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V50 Loading Box Door Sensor Not Working


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Hey everyone! This is my first post on here. Just wanted to see if anyone could help with this loading box sensor.

We have two V-50s, one running color and the other has been converted to B/W. Both are modified for push+pull. For some time on our B/W converted machine we have had a problem with the loading box sensor not recognizing when the door is open. Basically, the machine will start pulling in the leader card before we've shut the door. We've tried replacing the sensor but nothing has worked. That was put on hold. Yesterday, we started getting the same issue with the color V50. Again, I quickly tried to replace the sensor and clean the contacts but it didn't work. So now both machines have the same problem. Is this a common error with the Noritsu processors? Does anyone know how I can try to go about troubleshooting this issue?

Many thanks in advance!

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Go to input check menu. Look do you see changes when loading sensor ( SE9 ) is opened and closed.

Take multimeter. Check voltages on sensor connector pin1 5V, pin2 ground ( 0V ) and pin 3 ( level depends sensor is opened, or closed ) .

If sensor works - check level on main control pcb ( connector J/P4 pin 4 , or coil L15 ) . There connected sensor output. Need see level, when sensor opened and when closed.

If on main control pcb see level changes, but no changes on input check menu then board is faulty.
If see level changes on sensor, but no level changes on main control pcb then bad connections ( sensor connector, J/P17 and J/P21on loading connecting pcb, or J/P4 on main control pcb ) .

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I would guess .. i) jammed clamp roller solenoids  but low chance for both Left and Right one faulty at the same time ...ii) serious oxidized J340036-00 Loading connecting PCB inside the loading box  . . 

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