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V30 Power 1 board replacement


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SO I just replaced J340008-03 Power 1 board on my V30-RA machine and now I have no display and no motor is runing.

Looks like the heater fan kicks in and the chem level sensors are going back and fort due to low chem, so I toped them of and that is all ok 

Machine turns on and on the new board I do see LED's turning on and off but that is it.

Do I need to reinstal the software ?

The machine was working fine apart from Fix 1 and Fix 2 heater not working due to burnt SSR's #3 and #4, so I replaced the Power 1 board and now POOF, no display and no motor running.

I have also tried turning the machine on with the floppy disc inserted but got the same resaults, no screen and no drive motor runing.

Your help is sppreciated.


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This is unlikely to be a software issue, this board contains no software.

Check you haven’t missed any connectors. J/P74 is for the display, J/P63 is for the drive motor, J/P62 is for the drive switch.

Make sure the jumper cables are the in the same position as the board you took off.

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