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Do I need to buy a specific computer with a Noritsu HS-1800?

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Hello everyone! 
I want to buy a Noritsu hs1800 film scanner but I was completelly confused from the answer of the seller from eBay. He is selling it only with a pc and my question to him was: "do I need to buy the scanner with pc? Can I take it without and what's the price it will be? because on alibaba the price for standalone scanner is twice less then on eBay." 
He answered that it is better to take it with PC cos installation of ez controller and adjustments. 
So can I get this scanner like a basic bundle? with CD software and dongle. What should I know about it? 



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We always sell scanners with workstations not only because of the pre-installed software.
With a workstation, the scanner is already set up and can be used right out of the box.
Without it, you have to make and adjust the focus, tilt, sensor sensitivity adjustments, and other important settings yourself, and if you don't have good experience with that, it's quite a complicated process and you will have to call out a service engineer and pay him.
The workstation usually costs $500 or less, so even if the seller offers it to you without it - he will reduce the price to $500, no more.

And if to be frank, I would not risk purchasing anything from Alibaba.

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