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Fuji DL650 without MS01?

Gambrell Photo

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I have a DL650 and have been running MS01 to print, but I hate it!

I recently tired darkroom software and it will print to the DL650 with only the maintenance utility installed!!!
How are they able to do this?
Is there some instructions on how to write software to print directly to the printer? like a SDK for something?

I would love to be able to write my own software to just sent simple prints to the printer

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I do not know about SDK or programming, but you can try (14 days for free) this software from this firm https://www.pixel-tech.eu/drylab-system/#about it is a print controller for all labs fuji or epson, maybe you can use it, i have other software from the company and think they do a good job. If i didn't have the original order controller i will use this program.

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When on Darkroom registered Noritsu D1005 printer ( Fuji DL450 ) I had on Windows add the same printer few times. Each printer - only for one print size and these print sizes were different. Then on Darkroom can select one of these printers and print size, which needed. 

To register printer I used Noritsu printdriver software ( NPS printdriver ) . Then customer from Darkroom could print without EZ controller ( Noritsu software similar with Fuji MS01 ) .

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