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Problems with image printing on LP-7700


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Good morning friends of minilabs. I have a problem with the print sizes of the Lp7700. When printing an image in size 6x4 inches it does not come out completely centered in the image. The file is made in Photoshop and measured exactly 6x4 inches, but the print comes out shifted and leaves a small margin on the bottom edge of the print.

When I check the registered size I see that although the width and height are fine, there is a part called the image area that shows 5.983 x 4.010 inches. I remove the size and recreate it and the problem persists.
I understand that if my image is made at 6x4 inches and I'm using 6-inch paper, sending it "noresize" would be enough for it to print well.

In the attached image, you can see that it has a small yellow border that is not very well respected in terms of its dimensions and you can see the small white border on the bottom edge of the image that is not part of it.
Thank you.


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On Noritsu QSS3704F to correct picture position can make paper advance length correction, paper guide width correction, exposure center correction, arm unit 1 zigzagging correction, exposure magnification correction, exposure magnification fine adjustment, exposure advance adjustment, white border width correction, exposure adjustment, paper pressure operation correction, paper sensor adjustment. Make tests which you need.

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I'm just working on these menus but I don't understand how the last image (bottom right) works. There I measure the left and right size towards the center and place it as the master value? Or does the system drop it by itself? There I don't see how to center the image vertically, I only see how to center it horizontally, across the width of the paper.

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Exposure Center Correction (Master) :
Check that the zigzagging adjustment of the exposure advance unit has been completed.
Check that the zigzagging adjustment of the magazine mount has been completed.
Check that Arm Unit 1 Zigzagging Correction  has been completed.
Check that Exposure Magnification Correction has been completed.
Attach the paper magazine to carry out Master (Exposure Center Correction Value) to magazine mount A/A2/B/C.
Select paper magazine A/A2/B/C.
Carry out Test Print without Correction Value of F: Functions ( make a test print with the maximum paper size which you use ) 
Measure the length from the left end to the center line and the length from the center line to the right end on the leading end of the test print.
Enter each measurement dimension.
After correcting carry out Test Print Confirmation with Master Value of F: Functions and be sure to make a print and check if the exposure center is correct.

Also can make exposure center correction for each paper magazine. Can make test print, or just enter correction manually.

All information is on LP7700 service manual. I have CD with all documents for this model.

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