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Noritsu QSS 3301 error code 6901-0008


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A few days ago I got the error message Arcnet Communication Error- 6901-0008. I did the Arcnet Communicator Self test, after that I cleaned all the inputs and outputs of the light cables, cut the ends with a special cutter, but after that I got the same results. When I run QSS I get the same error message with a beep. Please help quickly!

2023-05-20-after cleaning.JPG

2023-05-20-arcnet error-2.JPG

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Disconnect all the fibre optic cables except for the pair that go from the PC PCI card to the D-ICE control PCB (ARCNET HUB) make sure that you have communication using the Self Test software.

Now plug one pair of fibre optic cables in, run the Self Test software and confirm that you still have good communication on the boards that are connected.

Repeat until you find the pair of fibre optic cables that causes the communication to stop. The problem will be with the board that stops the communication.
Common causes are weak fibre optic transmitters, the red LED dims with age.

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