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DE100 accessories and options?


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Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of buying the DE100 printer and I would appreciate some advice on what essentials I should consider purchasing to get started. Of course, I know I'll need the printer itself, ink, and paper. However, I'm also thinking about potential accessories such as a paper tray or cleaning kit. Any recommendations or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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With printer need some printing software. Of cource can print using standard print driver, but wold be real pain to print photo one by one each time manually adjusting size, paper type, orentation and all other ( printing the same, as on home printers ) . Fuji offers MS01 + MSP80 + MS16 + other optional modules. Can use some other printing interface from third parties companies. Software will print using print driver features ( everything adjusting automatically ) .

To start need ink ( Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow ) , Maintenance Cartridge and paper. If want to change paper faster can buy other spindle unit ( for other paper ) . 

There are DE100 and DE100R ( the same printer with wireless module ) . Printer already discontinued. Fuji doesn't produce it and sell what still has in stock.

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Thanks for the advice, especially for the spindle unit, that will surely save some time!
I didn't know DE100 was discontinued, so perhaps I should choose another printer instead?
Regarding the MS01 + MSP80 + MS16 + other optional modules, where can I get them and how much do they cost?

Thanks, have a good day!

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Hi @Minilab service,
regarding the software, I found:

I will be printing school photos only, so portraits (close up) and some class photos (group photos). We print different sizes (from 10x12,7cm to 20,5x30,5cm). Which software do you think would be the best?
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25 minutes ago, Sunred said:

A order controller to work with all printers from a third part company can be this https://www.pixel-tech.eu/drylab-system/#about think you can get a trail for 2 weeks

Thanks @Sunred I found this one as well, it looks great. I just sent them an email and I'm happy to share with you all what they said. They were very quick to answer.

Question: which one should I use, DryLab System 6 – Standard or Basic?
Answer: It really depends. Both versions are dedicated to a single printer (you can configure one printer at the same time only). The basic version works with the printer in a generic way - without showing information about inks, paper etc. There is no optimization for processing large files. The maximum print size is 21x30 mm.

The standard version is more developed. The software shows a current status of the printer, ink levels as well as information about media types. This version prints up to 100 cm paper length. It has optimization for high resolution InkJet printers. Furthermore there is a native support for Fujifilm Frontier-S DX100 and DE100, Epson SureLab SL-D700, all Citizen and DNP printers.

Versions comparison: https://www.pixel-tech.eu/drylab-system/#versions

Question: If I change the printer later, do I need to purchase another version of DryLab System 6?
No, you don’t need to buy another DryLab System 6 software. In case of changing the printer in the future you can remove the old printer from the configuration and add a different one.

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26 minutes ago, TECNOR said:

What OS actually you have installed ?

Ms01 have different versions.

Version to Xp, W7x32 and W10..

Thanks @TECNOR, I will need to purchase an additional computer, so I presume I'll be using W10

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On 5/24/2023 at 11:08 AM, Minilab service said:

There are DE100 and DE100R ( the same printer with wireless module ) . Printer already discontinued. Fuji doesn't produce it and sell what still has in stock.

In Poland, FUJIFILM currently offers the DE100-XD model with an enlarged maintenance tank. Unfortunately, deliveries are very small and waiting times are long.

Is this model already out of production?

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