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120 Film Resolution on Noritsu S1700SA


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Hello all… well I recently purchased a S1700SA(S2 with CS-1 workstation and speed booster A) 

I’m in the process of setting up print channels and noticed something strange and would like to ask for some help. 

 I have several magnification options for 135 film in terms of resolution, however, I am limited to only high resolution for 120. Does anyone know how to change this? Or if I’m stuck with only one size for 120 scans? A friend of mine mentioned that I have more options for 135 than he does. He is running EZ controller with a converted S4. 

Also, I notice that digital ice doesn’t seem to be working as it should. While it is enabled, the D-ICE PCB in the CS-1 has all four dip switches off. What is the correct configuration for this to make it work? I understand that digital masking is currently not installed or active. (No sample scans at this time, I am waiting for new rollers) 

Please excuse my ignorance as I just joined the Noritsu world and have much to learn. 

Attached are a few screen grabs and a photo of the D-ICE PCB. 

Thank you much in advance. 





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Here is Digital ICE CONTROL pcb. It is board with ARCNET hub, digital ICE control interface and nothing else. DS1 is unused. All should be OFF.

Digital masking is hardware ( not software ) . Into Digital ICE pcb need insert few modules to have digital masking. It is optional and not all minilabs have it.

Digital ICE is to remove dust. Digital masking is to remove scratches. You will have only first correction.

Here not resolution, but zoom rate. 120 film carier works only on zoom 0.621 ( because frame is big ) . The same is your S2 scanner, S4 and HS1800. 

On HS1800 for 120 film carrier can select low resolution, or high resolution. Can't select middle resolution. I think the same should be on this scanner menu.


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Thank you for the reply. 

With Digital ICE Box checked, It should be enabled and active correct? The previous owner stated that he disabled the digital ice when in use. 

Is it possible to add the Digital masking hardware to the stand alone unit? If so, what hardware is needed?

The zoom rate makes sense. When selecting any of the 120 frame sizes, only one magnification is shown. 


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Yes, when box checked Digital ICE is enabled. This option removes dust, but will not removes scratches. 

To have digital masking need into Digital ICE pcb insert boards :
Scratch mend PCB 1 ( 2 pcs ) - p.n. J390904
Scratch mend PCB 2 - p.n. J390905
Data change-over PCB - p.n. J390906
DIMM - I090499

Can add into stand alone scanner, or minilab. When boards added Digital masking on software will be active.

Zoom rate and resolution are different things. On HS-1800 software with 120 carrier zoom is only one ( 0.621 ) but can be changed. Standard can select  low resolution, or high resolution ( can't select middle resolution ) . Other possibility - on print channel select "real size" . Then resolution depends on print size ( selected paper width and entered paper advance ) .

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