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J390986 ( LP-2600 board ) and J390710 ( LP-2200 board ) have the same connectors, power suppliers, DIP switches, test points and all other. Not sure, if it work, but you can to try. After replacement upgrade board software and load data. On minilab use the latest system software version.

QSS33 laser control pcb (J391081) was not used on QSS32 , but it perfectly works there ( instead J391270 - QSS32 board ) . Might be the same will be with your QSS3101.

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It seems like there are 2 models of the 31 series

QSS-3101 Digital
LP-2200  which outputs at 320dpi

QSS-3101-1 Digital
LP-2600 which outputs at 300dpi

It seems like the only hardware difference between the 2 models is the Laser control PCB.
J390710 is for the LP-2200
J390986 is for the LP-2600

Possibly the software is also different, but I'm not entirely sure about that.

I agree with Minilab service’s advice, change the board and do a software upgrade of that board and see what happens.

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