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Fuji Frontier SP 500 winding section problem


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Hello dear forum, I am relatively new to the scanning game and have a Fuji Frontier SP 500 with which I have already scanned about 10 working hours. Today after about 4 hours of scanning, the negatives stopped transporting after a certain point and the process was aborted with the error message W-SP-7127. 

A quick look at the transport roll told me the error. The corner of the negative shoots into the somewhat porous and very sticky rubber on the roll and gets stuck there. This causes the scan to abort. (Attached is a photo) 

As I said, the problem came on suddenly after several hours of working at a stretch. Perhaps the rubber on the roll has warmed up from working for so long, making it more sensitive to the edges of the negatives.

Has anyone had similar experiences and know how to solve the problem? I hope there is a simple and pragmatic solution. 

I look forward to your answers and am very grateful for any help. 





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Thank you so much for your answer! I already checked for the new roller but didn't find anything on the internet. Do you know where to buy a new part? And could you send me which rubber rings I could buy, so I can change them on my own. Thanks in advance. 


Thomas :)

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As written above I changed rubber rings on rewind units from Noritsu film carriers. There rubber rings are smaller, so can't use them here.  Use rubber rings, which have similar size, which are now. 

334Y100016 can ask Fuji. In Europe Fuji parts can order from Veritek, or Pm2S. If avalable they can order part from Japan.

Migth be that Fuji doesn't have this part in stock. SP500 scanner is discontinued, so it wouldn't be strange. Even big shop from Japan ( Dadaer LLC ) does not offer to oder 334Y100016 ( can oder 334Y100014 and 334Y100018, but here different parts ) .

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