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QSS 2901- white prints at startup- Problem developed further to Big Dave


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This ongoing issue from last year has seemingly escalated to an established fault. As reported earlier intermittently ( & increasingly) on start up we would only get white prints with the diagonal blue lines on start up or daily setup. Initially we were restarting the entire machine and that generally restarted in a working condition. More recently, to fast track the process I got the operator to reload the software from HDD for the Image Processing PCB and Image Correction PCB's only, which then resulted in an operable condition for the day.

In April on one occasion whilst I was away, they got purple misprinted images (as attached) and none of the usual strategies resolved it. It was shut down overnight and restarted normally the next day and the previous pattern of 2 or 3 out of 6 starts requiring the S/W reload to produce images has continued for 6 weeks till now.

We are now getting the purple colored images, software reload or restart doesnt achieve anything. The pattern varies and even the text on the daily/weekly setup appears low-res or blurred. and the arrow at the top of the weekly setup print also appears low res or pixelated with a jagged/serrated on the right slope......

My thoughts are either image processing PCB or the MLVA head- though I would expect that if  the MLVA failed the problem/pattern would be consistent.

My image processing PCB J390632-02 doesnt have removable memory modules as I have seen mentioned in other posts- they are all surface mount.

Fans feeding the Img Proc PCB etc are all functional.

Have tried restoring a backup from a working state, have done Drive Voltage adjustment.

Currently removing boards and reseating IC's and reconnecting plugs and cables, and and pulling out what (very) little hair I have left!!.

Are there any ideas or clues from the collective wisdom on this forum as to what the likely cause of this, up until now, slow developing and intermittent problem?




IMG_20230531_0001 copy.jpg

IMG_20230531_0003 copy.jpg

IMG_20230531_0004 copy.jpg

IMG_20230531_0006 copy.jpg

IMG_20230531_0009 copy.jpg

IMG_20230531_0014 copy.jpg

IMG_20230531_0015 copy.jpg

IMG_20230531_0016 copy.jpg

IMG_20230531_0001 copy.jpg

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Filter wheel can't effect only one color. Noise and instability is only on Green ( Magenta ) color. Here will be something with image processing section - image processing pcb, image correction pcb, LVDS cables, or something else. To find what is wrong need test minilab with other boards, or test boards on other QSS29.

If will need I have working image processing boards, color wheel, MLVA and other parts.

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