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Hello everyone, we have a problem with the Kodak 88. It shows us the error STOPPING MACHINE FOR PAPER SENSOR TIMEOUT ERROR. We replaced the sensor but it still shows the same fault. The paper from the cassette does not stop at the sensor, but at the top of the transport and throws out the specified error. If anyone knows what the problem is, please write.

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Yes, that's our fault. Thank you for getting in touch.

We are currently looking for a sensor, although it is very difficult to find parts because there is no service for these machines in our country. Do you have any other tips for us regarding this error?

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Hello everyone and thank you for your help. We recently repaired the machine. The problem was in the power supply unit.


Now we have another problem. Photos are dark. We lightened them in the Modify setting to -19, but they are still too dark and have a purplish tone. The chemistry is not old, but we still changed the developer and now the photos are even darker.


If you have any advice I would appreciate it.

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1. Kodak chemicals
2. 79-80Hz
3. We cannot adjust the paper automatically because the testing device is faulty. We don't have a service center in the country or repairmen. The serviceman who maintained the machine never managed to repair the sensor, so we have been adjusting the paper manually for years.


We think the illuminator (marked as PCB in the book) is broken. We have spare part but now we need to find the drivers for the SCSI card from the spare part.


Does anyone happen to have the drivers or know where we can find them?

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