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Hello everyone, today suddenly my 10” prints started come out with blotchy magenta spots. All other size prints are coming out perfectly fine. After running test print I saw that one of the grey rectangles on the test is magenta. Trying to calibrate with AD 300 made it worse. This is baffling since my other size prints are completely fine. Any ideas?? IMG_3362.thumb.jpeg.1517867ef69f7aaf74e3ef190511a9c5.jpeg

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You should write minilab model. Is here the same Fuji 370 ( you wrote it on other post ) ?
You really have Fuji 370, or only printer ( LP2000 ) ? If there Fuji 370 ( SP2000 + LP2000 ) then you have FMPC, or not?
Here is some problem with image processing. If you have scanner do you see the same spots on scanned image and printed pictures from film?
Is the same all 10 inch papers ( glossy, matte, luster ) .

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Yes I am sorry, I am new to the forum. I am running Fmpc on a Frontier 370. No blotches on the PIC screen, I am making 2 prints one on a glossy 6” glossy paper which all colors are correct no issues but when  I print a a 10” glossy paper/ channel this the images I am getting including the test print. So I assumed it’s not a laser issue since I am able to print on different size. Thanks in advance for anyone who has a clue. 

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