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Apex V6.1 restore disk


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I have just had a hiccup with our Apex V6.1 machine displaying many errors on a failed boot-up sequence  and need assistance in the form of a restore disk. Any direction(s) to where I can get a copy or download would be fantastic. Someone has lost our copy so we are at a loss to get a replacement disc.

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I have sent an email to the provided link above regarding the 'delivery' of product i.e. if they physically send a disk or if a link is provided for instant download. As I wait for a reply from them, do you know what method is provided?

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All the versions of the Kodak Kiosk/APEX software that we show in our online store http://bazarvenezuela.com/multivendors are modified so that they can be installed on original equipment or on any hardware (taking into account the limitations of the original equipment), that is why the deliveries are made by download links.

APEX/APEX+ and KPK/KKPK+ versions can be ordered from our store that also with your purchase provides online support in the installation and configuration totally free until your equipment is 100% functional.

Any information can be requested to servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com

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Hello Eyla0312,

I have purchased the Apex v6.1 software using PayPal although you have a strange system of forced payment verification and none for PayPal. You need to fix this while I cannot get my software due to this issue.

Over to you.

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On 7/12/2023 at 6:12 PM, eyla0312 said:

hi sir,

Send a message to your email address.

Sorry not working. I'm after a restore disc not a disk image. I will be sending an email to you on your site with particulars. Your site clearly says "Software Kodak APEX ver. 6.1 & 8.1" not disc image, if I knew that I would not have purchased it.

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hi sir,
I just read your writing on Minilabhelp.com and I would just like to ask why you did not write to servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com for any situation that might arise with your purchase.
Our products for 10 years have helped many owners of Apex equipment and Kodak Kiosks and if they are not original discs it is because they are modified so that the software can be installed on any hardware that the client has. It is what gives value to the obsolete Kodak G4 equipment.
If you only requested technical support, which is also completely free and is included in your purchase, I am sure that your equipment would already be working 100%.
Rest assured that on Monday your payment will be fully refunded via Paypal, given the difficulty that you present that the product was not what you were looking for.
For any other questions or observations, please contact us servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com 
Raidel Perez
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