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problem with laser or aom noritsu 3011


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My noritsu 3011 mini lab had an aom 01 error, I changed it and for a few days it worked fine, now sometimes when I turn it on and load the program in the morning, a red laser came out outside the temperature range and today it was printing and for a moment for the other, the impression came out greenish yellow, and when calibrating the emulsion it came out green, I did not get any error.  that could be thanks for some help.  thank you

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O1 error? do you mean 6073-0001?
What is temperature in your shop?
Was the AOM you fitted an original a new Noritsu AOM or a China copy?

You really need to give all the full error messages and error numbers if you want good advice.

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If it’s swinging between red and cyan 90% of the time it is caused by a faulty red AOM driver.

If you want you can swap the red AOM driver with the blue AOM driver, if you now get a swing between yellow and blue it will confirm the AOM driver is faulty.

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You need to precisely identify the colours when you say green are you sure it is green and not cyan?

After the daily setup has been done and is good.
Make some test prints

The easiest way is to make a print and convert it to greyscale, then do a +3 and  a -3 correction of each colour (6 prints) then you will have

1 yellow print
1 blue print
1 Magenta print
1 Green print
1 Cyan print
1 Red print

You can use these prints to identify what the precise colour is if the machine starts to colour drift.

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