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Fujifilm DL600 head plate unit.


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From this town is seller. Printer heads are manufactured by Epson China and factory is in other town.

Here print head for Epson SL-D3000. It has 6 elements. Fuji DL650 also has print head with 6 elements and on DL600 only 5 elements ( one element removed ) .

Epson doesn't sell print head elements separately. From Epson, or Fuji can buy only whole unit. They are very expensive. Elements sold on Aliexpress and Ebay sold unofficially. I think here are elements, which didn't pass quality control. They should be destroyed, but instead that someone sell them.

On few print heads I changed elements. At least after replacement they worked. Might be they have some fault, but I didn't see it.

Now on Aliexpress and Ebay sold print head units. I think here the same elements - just mounted on holder. Do not know is holder original, or not. Might be everything.

If you use print head unit on Fuji DL600 and buy this head unit then can remove one element. It is not used on this model. Also can buy print head elements and replace them on your original DL600 head unit ( which is in your printer ) .

It is lottery, when buy elements, or print head unit on Aliexpress, or Ebay. You will not get warranty. On other hand separate elements are very cheap, if compare with price for print head unit when buy it from Epson, or Fuji. Your choice what to do.

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