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Hi every one,

I have experienced the above error for the while now, the error occurs when the machine need to refill water (BF water refilling).

I thought the BF-W refill pump was fault, so I tested it by navigating to maintanance menu then processor output and executed the BF-W refilling pump command, WOW! water came out from the BF-W refilling pipe, so I concluded that the pump is OK. Then I wondered whats wrong with this old QSS 3001 minilab, any help to clear this error will be much appreciated.

NB: When you cancel the error massage, the machine continue to function just perfect.

IMG_20230619_144817_528 (1).jpg


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On 6/19/2023 at 8:40 PM, Dave S said:

The float switch for the BF sub tank is probably stuck or covered in dirt.
If you remove the chemical filter, you can see the float switch on the left side.

Dave s, thank you for the hint I will try to clean the float switch then give a feedback here.

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