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Noritsu 3202 vs Fuji 550


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Pro:can be upgraded to 3204 if to buy a capacity booster and long racks.

Noritsu reliability.

Contra: blue and green lasers are not reliable and may require replacing.


Pro: Can also print 30x60 if to upgrade with L1 software.

The perfect quality of prints especially human skin tones.

Very reliable lasers.

Easy laser condition control interface.





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Fuji 5xx Red laser is very not reliable. Almost on all minilabs they stopped to work, or stop to work in the future. Of course it can be repaired. Green and Blue very good.

New Fuji 550/570 boards very expensive, hard to find used. Power suppliers very expensive also. Image processing section is very complicated. It is hard to find what doesn't work.

On Fuji used CP-49 process. It is fast. Fuji 570 minilab is faster than 550.

Noritsu QSS3202 can be upgraded to QSS3203 . QSS32xx can have processor with CP-49 , but it is very rare. 

It is easy to find QSS32xx parts. The same boards used on QSS33xx ( cheap, smaller minilabs ) and QSS34xx.

Noritsu QSS32xx Red laser very reliable. Blue and Green - not. Anyway they can be repaired.

Minilab can print 305 x 914 mm . Can be minilabs with two, or three internal paper magazines.

Noritsu software is user friendly. Digital orders can print from external computer running W10 64, or W11 64.


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The AOM drivers are the same for all Noritsu minilabs.
The laser units are all different (type A/A1/B/B/fF) and have different types of laser modules: A and B (qss30-31 series), A1 and B1 (qss32-38 series).
The fF type laser unit has an A1 type blue module and a B1 type green module.
All qss30-37 have been discontinued and are no longer supported by Noritsu. I don't know exactly about the qss37 series, but it seems that Noritsu has also discontinued support for this series.
The last series of photo labs that Noritsu made was the qss39.
Some spare parts are still in stock in Japan, and you can also buy them on the used minilab market or buy new ones in China.

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