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Scanner sensitivity check on LS-600


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I’m just wondering how I can optimize the scanner sensitivity check on my LS-600 (see attached pictures). It performs very well, the graph is perfectly flat with shading but shows a slight bump in the middle on all colors without shading. Maybe a thorough cleaning might help? 
Thanks in advance for your advices! 



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Thanks for your feedback. Highly appreciated! I’ve cleaned both, at least as much as I could, but my feeling is what I did was kind of basic. Any tip maybe or special recommendation to do it perfectly without risking to damage the scanner?

Again many thanks! 

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That works. Great! Other topic: is there any safe way to clean the rubber rollers that move the film (not the white ones in the middle, but the yellow on the sides)? Mine are a bit greasy,  which is quite strange…

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If rollers original then all of them should be dark yellow ( or light brown ) .

I think your rollers are old, soft and sticky. Cleaning will not help. Only one solution - to change rollers. Can use original rollers from Noritsu, or not original rings ( made in China ) .

I have LS-600/LS-1100 film carrier. There can change rollers ( original, or not original ) . Then could change your film carrier with my film carrier. If interested write private message.

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