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Set paper type on Fuji Lp7700


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Greetings friends from Minilab, I am configuring the type of paper in an LP7700, however, I understand that there is a type of paper such as: FUJI CA, FUJI CA DB2, etc. But when entering the respective menu, those names do not appear to me, but letters and numbers that I do not know if it is a nomenclature or something else. In the attached image I point it out. Thank you.

Tipo de papel 7700.jpeg

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Hello. It is crazy system with profiles on Fuji software. Which profile letter and number to use have look paper datasheet ( calibration data ) . For example for Crystal Archive Glossy / Luster need select C1 and Crystal Archive Matte - C2 .

On this menu you select master papers. When profiles are similar do not select so many papers, because daily setup need to do for all of them. One or two master papers will be enough. Each paper will have own settings. When profile is similar then just make magazine registration. Then will be applied master paper settings + corrections for exact paper magazine. Of course if paper is some special ( for example Kodak metallic ) and you see that prints are bad you need register this paper as master. Then this paper will have own corrections.  

Fuji software and profiles are old ( released 10 years ago ) and outdated. When have Fuji LP7700 you can install Noritsu software, profiles and option modules. Then you have QSS3704 F minilab. Software released this year, so it is new and modern. On Noritsu software you can see list of profiles. Can be installed on W10 64 bit, or W11. If want can help to install everything.

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