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Please help . Fuji frontier 350


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Just in case try to change Blue AOM driver. Might be laser beam power not enough for synchronization.

If synchronization is good then laser position is wrong. Try to make alignment on Fuji menu ( Main Scanning Position Adjustment/ Laser Beam Sync. Rough Adjustment and laser Beam Sync. Fine Adjustment Print ) .

Yellow difference quite big, so not sure that software adjustments will be enough. Might be need adjust mechanically, but you will not do it yourself.

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Have you tried doing the laser fine adjust options in your maintenance menus?

This will help you narrow the gap between where each color prints. Running through the two menus that help calibrate the laser fine adjust may be able to help if you haven't done this yet.

Did this problem appear out of nowhere one day or is this a new printer setup for you?

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